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Bridal Henna

There are enough blogs to check the latest henna fashions. Asian and Middle Eastern brides cannot do without henna or mehendi, the latest trends have beautiful designs. It is a blend of contemporary and traditional motifs. Once the wedding season starts, it is virtually impossible to get the best henna artists. They charge a fat fee and travel globally to satisfy dreams of celebrity and rich weddings. It is quite a challenge to get the right bridal henna artist. But many magazines and internet websites feature many designs and give tips.

The best quality of henna is used for the designs. Like for everything else, the bridal henna artist can show off the picture album of designs with the tariff. It helps the girl to decide what she needs and how long it will take her to get the look. Some henna artist work closely with the dress designers to ensure that the patterns on the dress and palms match! Perhaps even the groom’s design also makes it to the hand of the bride! Motifs of roses, kings and queens, jali work, peacock, mango leaves and seeds are intricately made on the palms.

When the deep rich maroon hue emerges on the wedding day, it matches the blush on the bride’s face. Pakistani brides are choosing Indian designs. Indian girls are picking up Arabic motifs and themes. The choice has become vast and it all depends on how much the bride is willing to spend to palm off the best!

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