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Henna Supplies

Considering that henna is big business worldwide, its export and import in many countries is profitable. Most beauty parlours are usually flooded with enquiries by customers for use of henna as a cosmetic product in the form of paste, powder, leaves, mixed paste in cones, etc. Along with it other henna supplies include henna powder, henna paste, cones, plastic sheets, essential oils, lemon juice extract, cotton swabs and coloring palettes. Ready made kits are sold individually and directly to consumers. It is the Middle East, India and now USA that is constantly doing business in henna supplies.
Henna dye, mixed with other natural colors and simply leaves of various tropical regions are also sold in bulk to beauty salons. Henna supplies can be got at bulk rates from the manufacturer or can be bought at departmental stores. Some parlors may even sell their own brands. Since henna is also known as mehendi it can be bought from special counters in ethnic shops. Henna supplies also include its use for medicinal purposes. It is also used as oil, cream and lotions, shampoo and conditioners. Ayurvedic brands have a series of henna supplies to offer to the consumers. They are branded and no longer cheap.
Some of the top brands belong to India and have been in the market for years. They are now exporting the henna supplies to the lucrative western markets. There are few side effects, if henna is used in the right proportions with advice. Otherwise it is curative in nature.

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